I am a scientist at SRON (Netherlands Institute for Space Research) in the Netherlands. My work focuses on better understanding emissions of methane and carbon monoxide using observations from space. Methane is the second most important anthropogenic greenhouse gas after CO2, responsible for about a quarter of today's warming. Sources of methane are both natural, like wetlands, and anthropogenic, such as oil and gas production, livestock, rice cultivation, and landfills. We combine bottom-up (multiplying activity rates (heads of cattle) by emission factors (methane emission per head)) and top-down (using atmospheric methane observations with a chemical transport model to infer emissions explaining these observed concentrations) methods to better estimate emissions. Furthermore, using new TROPOMI satellite observations combined with high-resolution satellites such as GHGSat, PRISMA, and Sentinel-2 we can detect methane leaks from space! Previously, I was a PhD Candidate at Harvard University working with Professor Daniel J. Jacob. There, I studied anthropogenic methane emissions in the United States.